I miss you <3
I miss you <3 poem stories

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I wish we were closer...

I miss you <3

I sit here in your room,

inspecting all your things...

Wondering what you feel when you see them,

what thoughts these objects bring.

I'm recalling the first time

we went up to your school.

We drove for hours to get there.

I thought it was so cool.

You take me to the band room

and you pull out a chair

then you uncover a marimba

I hadn't even noticed was there.

It's huge and beautiful,

made of carved, shiny wood.

Then you handed me some mallets,

and I knew that I should.

I hesitate...

You smile...

"Play something for me!"

you say.

Still, I hesitate.

I played nothing for you that day...

but now I wish I had.

but I get so shy around you,

the butterflies are bad.

I just want your love.

and I'm not really sure how

to make you love me any more

than you do right now.

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