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I’m not professing my love for my friend. Just letting you know. A friend type love if you will.


You say he loves you. You say he cares. If that's so, then where is he when you're in despair? I'm holding you hand and cheering you on, being the friend that you need and want.

But you still go back to him. He's shows you nothing compared to what I give you. It hurts me to say our friendship is through. Because you know I loved you. You know I cared.

I told you that I would always be there. But it wasn't enough, all you wanted was him.

When will you realize what you really needed was a friend? I'll shut my mouth once you realize that the pain he's put you through isn't what somebody that loves you should do.

You need to know your worth honey, you need to now you matter. You're just another meal on his platter. When is he really there for you? Keep your head up. Swallow those tears back.

You know I will always be here for you, you know that I don't want this friendship to be through. You know I love you. More than he could ever hope to. I swear to god its true.

I just wanna help you. Why are you hiding all your pain behind a page? Say it to his face. Let him know you aren't his play thing to use when he gets lonely.

I used to be his friend, i used to love him. But then he turned round and became a monster. He's playing you honey, what he's doing isn't right. I just hope he doesn't leave you crying at night.

I hope you know I will always be right here! I hope you know you have nothing to fear!

I'm waiting for you to realize that he doesn't love you He just loves the thought of having so many people to go trough.

He craves the attention and I know you want it too but the way he's fighting for it could never make him worthy of you. Know your worth. This isn't what you deserve. Put your happiness first.

I'm just trying to be your friend when you're in need. I can give you company! But I understand if you need some room to breathe. I know you want a lover but a friend is what you really need...

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