We just forget you...
We just forget you... in the middle stories

wren 🦴💀 sKeLeToNs In ThE cLoSeT 💀🦴
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For all the middle kids out there. #inthemiddle #song #middlekids #imsad

We just forget you...

An ode to my fellow Middle children.

We're looking for attention from the parents who ignore us, competing for the good stuff but getting left with the worst,

we ask for money but get denied after the youngest and oldest just got a whole 25. When are we the main character, why can't we get the attention brad gets? (Freaking brad).

He gets attention for everything he does. He pooped on the carpet and you just told him he did a good job. I just bought drugs and smoked them all, then I overdosed on Adderall.

My parents didn't even realize. Like what the fuck. I could have died.

I laid on my bed all day and my stepmom came in, she yelled at me then told me to stop being a lazy bitch, so I went back to sleep. She stood there like a creep.

That's when the attention goes to me. Why. I wanna sleep. Kill me now please.

When you're the second born you feel good for a while, being the youngest and y our parents attention for you being miles and miles till that third baby comes and steals your throne.

Put my hands around that babies throat. Uh... I didn't say that. Waiting for my 18th birthday so i can move out and finally be given real attention. Im fucking pissed.

Middle kid, middle kid here. I could get away with drinking multiple bottles of beer. Smoking my stepdads cigarettes wishing something could get me wet.

I got ten bucks what drugs can I buy for that? Now I Gotta take a crap. My friends are always busy, im always alone and no one seems to miss me. Probably just my anxiety.

Is it just me or are all middle kids depressed as shit? Kick the back of the parents car seat, then blame it on little baby DeeDee. Thinking about running away everyday. Bruh, im hella gay.

I need a break. I just saw a hot bitch. My brothers a snitch. Yeah. Let's be in the middle, kids, kids, kids. Let's be in the middle. Its totally fun. No it's not, you should run.

Mom's my bestfriend when she's not in a mood, give me some nudes. Just kidding, especially if youre a dude.

We are riding down the streets on our stolen skateboards going cross the street for an almond Joy bar.

The people at the gas station really bug me but at least they actually pay attention to me! Anyway, we are forgotten. Tossed in the back. We always think something will change but it does not.

But them corona showed up and were smoothed with our familyyyy.

Stay cool middles. We are all in this together.

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