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The smell of orange zest and flower blossoms...


Her lips taste like vanilla and her eyes looked like a mix of Spearmint and chocolate. Her icy glare could freeze anyone who wronged her. I craved her touch and her warm skin against mine.

Her fragrance was amazing and drove me crazy. She smelled of blossoms and orange zest, she had creamy skin with a sprinkle of freckles over her nose and cheeks.

Her aroma reminded me of summer and fields of flowers. I could stare into her eyes all day as she played with my hair. She was dressed in white with orange blossoms in her hair.

The smell would waft into my nose each time she waltzed by. Her fingers long and slender, intertwined with mine.

As I grabbed her before she fell her arms wrapped around me, enveloping me in her warm embrace full of orange scents with hints of blossom. Her brown hair wrapped around my fingers.

I sat in a blanket in the field, staring up at the clouds as she lay with me, her hair tickling my neck.

Flowers upon flowers I braid into her brown hair her giggles echoing in my ears as we let ourselves go.

Throwing food into eachothers mouths, talking in the worst accents possible, dancing to the music in our heads. Her parfume was strong but subtle. You knew who it was upon her entry.

She was a cactus flower, leaving an imprint on everyone she touched. Her voice was like a waterfall, roaring into your ears yet beautiful and peaceful to be with.

The sprits of her perfume bottle was a regular, as she stepped out of the shower,

her smell was like flowers and as she sprayed herself the zesty essence of the orange sprang her scent into magic. She breathed life into me, she was what I needed, and what I craved.

Her beautiful scent made me think wonders upon wonders, as her body slid against mine, her scent rubbed off on me, and she always stays with me.

Her scent wafts through the room, "hello my love, ______".

Sappho, the OG lesbian

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