💧⛵️My Jolly Sailor Bold⛵️💧 (Songs Are Stories)
💧⛵️My Jolly Sailor Bold⛵️💧 (Songs Are Stories) songs are stories stories
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Another #SongsAreStories piece! Enjoy 🥰🖤

💧⛵️My Jolly Sailor Bold⛵️💧 (Songs Are Stories)

Before reading this piece I recommend you listen to the song with the same title https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASe0q5D2Ubs

One early morning I strayed away from the market, I met a young sailor who seemed to be in pain. I feared that once he left again, he would never return.

My heart has been struck with an arrow from Cupid's bow. Nothing in this world could console me, besides my sailor boy.

But my merchant father guilty with wealth, looked down on me for loving a sailor. His riches made him greedy and he didn't understand my love for the boy.

I have left my parents and all the money I could ever need for my sailor bold. Many other young women like me have fallen in love with a sailor, who serves to the sea.

His hair hung in ringlets, and his eyes were black as coal. I wonder, weep, and moan as I wait for my dear to return home to me if he ever will.

The gold My father is rich with is nothing to me, if my love should return poor I will give him my pity but love him furthermore.

My dear sailor boy reminds me of the please tell month of May, and as we sail away we have witnessed plenty young women like me, lying on the bosom of their sailor boy.

I disdain the glitter and gold some maidens crave, for the only thing that can console me is my jolly sailor bold...

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