Laced Up
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Laced Up

It's 3:00 am. I pull out my roller skates and lace them up. My ceiling shines with glow in the dark stars and I feel like a kid again. I open my bedroom window and step out onto the pavement.

My house is a one story so sneaking out is easy. I pull out my phone and turn on a song and put my earbuds in and lift my hood to cover my face.

I skate down the streets a Xxxtentacion, girl in red, juice wrld, king princess, cavetown, and linkin park sing in my ears. I get to the boardwalks and lay down on the sand.

A stray cat walks by and sniffs my foot as it passes me. The moon is bright. My phone vibrates, I have a text. "Where the hell r u?" My mom asked.

"I'm just out skating," I replied as I got up and rounded around the boardwalks. My skates took me far and wide. My skates let me be free.

My mom tells me to be careful and come home before 5:00. I tell her I will. I go to a quick mart and buy a coffee and a Debbie cake. The night was quiet. I liked it out here.

I liked it too much. Little did I know that on that night, I was making a horrible mistake. If only I had decided to stay in that night maybe things wouldn't have turned out this way.

That night before I laced up my skates I saw an amber alert near me. I thought nothing of it and just jumped out the window.

After I finished my snack I went to the community pool and danced around the gates. The music in my ears was beautiful and calming. So calming I didn't hear a car door slam.

I skated towards the front entrance and was suddenly pulled by two cold hands into a red Mercedes. I tried to escape. But I wasn't strong enough. I saw another teenager in the car.

They were on my amber alert. I started to cry as the man starts to pull down my pants. Down the rabbit hole went his dick. I screamed in pain. After a while he stopped.

I lay in the car wishing I never went out and take a picture and video to send to my mum. Once I sent them off the man realized what I was doing...

if I hadn't gone out that night, maybe I wouldn't be dead.

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