Iā€™m Back For Some Reason....
Iā€™m Back For Some Reason.... mymomistryingtodositups stories
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wren šŸ¦“šŸ’€ sKeLeToNs In ThE cLoSeT šŸ’€šŸ¦“
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Iā€™m Back For Some Reason....

As you all can see, I am horrible at staying away from this site... I LOVE WRITING! Anyway, I wanted to inform y'all of my NEW account! It is @birdyboi and it's going to be my new main account.

I will be posting ONLY stories. No meme things, no face reveals, no tours, and no off topic announcements. So if that's why you follow me sorry kiddos, my new account is ALL serious (post wise).

I also will NOT be answering messages on there so if you message me on my main account (the new one) I will not answer you so either email me or message me on here and I will get back to you.

I think I may just keep posting on this account for a while but I will be transitioning to the other account. I hope to see you guys on my new page!!!

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