Crying For Attention 😪
Crying For Attention 😪 attention stories

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Story Challenge = song from the heart.

Crying For Attention 😪

They say I'm crying for attention, going through detention, receiving more suspensions, for more attention. I'm walking down the street now occasionally calling out.

I feel like I've been stuck inside a cage for a while now, drinking cheap champagne from the bottle (wow). Playing these games with my mind crying all the damn time, never feeling fine.

But they say I'm doing it for attention, oh yeah. Receiving these suspensions. At best, I could just shut up for a while and behave but I've never felt better rebelling at this age.

Attention, it's all for attention. Show me your love cause I don't get enough (I'm begging you please) Spoon feed your affection, tell me my perfections, don't give me a lesson.

They say I'm crying for Attention (what!). I'm supposed to be a prodigy, someone that succeeds at everything. But maybe I need to be me...

? Crying for Attention, taking pills to fix it, refilling those prescriptions trying to forget it. Baby I need a little bit more than a mention, I need to be your vision.

Let me be the one who's risen. Not crying for attention, maybe I just need a little bit of love and hugs and you don't understand what I'm going through so you diagnose me for what it fits to...

you say it's all for attention, that I like going to detention, trying to get suspensions. I'm not your friend if you just say I nag for your attention.

Maybe I just need love, need hugs, need recognition. But I'm not crying for your attention.

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