Calling Out To All The Trans!
Calling Out To All The Trans! transgender stories

wren Community member
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Calling Out To All The Trans!

Hey everyone so as you all know (or maybe not) I am non-binary meaning I do not identify with either gender.

I was hoping some people on here could help me out and let me know where I can get a binder at this time at a low price.

I was born with female genes and was wondering if I can can transition halfway?

Not planning on getting surgery to remove my breasts or get a penis but I would like to go on something like testosterone that doesn't FULLY transfer me into the opposite gender.

Also, how do you get a name change? I may release my birth name on here so you guys can give me some name recommendations that are sorta close to my deadname.

I'm already pretty set on Wren but I would love to hear your guys' opinions about it

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