An Unlikely Love Story (Pt.3)
An Unlikely Love Story (Pt.3) an unlikely love story stories

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Naughty naughty. Haha be warned this one is rated MA

An Unlikely Love Story (Pt.3)

Marilyn laid in the bed her eyes fixed upon Avas blushing face, "h-how?

" Ava stared at Marilyn and got on top of her, "I knew on our fifth date Mary," she laid on Marilyns chest and breathed the words onto her neck, "w-why di-didn't you leave me?

" Marilyn stuttered as Ava slowly unbuttoned her shirt revealing her laced bra and underwear letting the shirt drop to the floor, "why would I leave you?

" Marilyn stared at Ava covered with nothing but her underwear, "because you're s-scared of me?

" Ava laughed lightly, "baby the only one I'm afraid of is the man that raised me," "and you, are really fucking hot, as well as a great girlfriend.

The fact you're a serial killer just adds flavor," Ava smirked and reached for Marilyns T-shirt sliding it off of her.

Marilyns frozen face turns into a smirk and she licks her lips allowing Ava to pull her out of her shirt.

Marilyn grabs Ava and flips her over changing the positions and unclips Avas bra, "damn you're hot,

" Ava smirks and as they slide out of their underwear Marilyn slides down to her waist and sticks out her tongue wiggling it into Ava.

She gasps and grabs the sheets as Marilyn goes at it with all her might. Soon enough Ava is moaning with delight and so wet she thought she would have left a puddle on the bed.

Marilyns takes out her fingers and stick them into Ava as she works her way up to Avas lips and kiss them.

Ava breathes heavily and takes out her shaking hand and inserts her fingers into Marilyn as she moans, "m-ma-Mary...

mmmary, oh yes Mary," Marilyn smiles as she hears her name being moaned and Avas fingers slide into Marilyn smoothly causing her to gasp, "oh A-Ava!

" She says they soon stop talking and just kiss through moans and heavy breathing.

Once they finished they laid with one another and Ava laid her head down on Marilyns breast while she stroked her hair. "Are you finished with your book yet baby?" Marilyn asked, "No...

wanna help?" Ava asked looking up at Marilyns eyes. She just smirks at Ava and the next day Marilyn decided to go on a hike with their cabin neighbors across the lake.

She sharpens her axe as Ava watches sipping her coffee waiting for Marilyn to complete it and come back to describe all the details.

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