An Unlikely Love Story (Pt. 1)
An Unlikely Love Story (Pt. 1) murder stories

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Got this idea from Pinterest! A serial killer and a crime writer... let me know if you want a part 2!

An Unlikely Love Story (Pt. 1)

It was a breezy afternoon and Ava decided it was time for her to get back out into the dating world again so she signed up for the most popular dating site, History.Love.

She allowed the app to take her browsing history (even what she deleted) to pair her with someone that was fit for her. She answered a few questions and put in her profession as a crime writer.

She went to YouTube to turn on some music when she got a "ding" from her phone. She looked at her notifications and sees the app sent it. They found a match.

It was a girl with raven hair and deep green eyes. She seemed to be full of mystery and secrets. She decided to message her, "hi there. My name is Ava.

I'm a professional crime writer and I was matched with you." She waited a bit for her to reply. She spent a few days at home working on a new series called, "What Doesn't Kill You".

She was on her rough draft and spent her nights watching crime series and murder mysteries. She looked at her pins for weapon ideas and checked her phone occasionally for a response.

One day she picked up her phone and saw a notification for History.Love. She opened the app and looked at the message, "Hey Ava. I'm Marilyn. I'm currently working for myself.

I'd love to meet up sometime". She was ecstatic, "sure, where?" "How about on west harwall Street at the new cafe?" Said Marilyn, "sounds perfect".

Ava put her blue hair into two matching buns and wiggles into her black overalls.

She looked between two shirts having trouble deciding, "hmmm, the white button up or the white crop-top?" She chose the crop top.

As she got prepared she looked at herself in the mirror, brown eyes, blue hair, pale, and a few birthmarks here and there.

She decided to put on some mascara and chapstick then hopped onto her scooter. She arrived at the cafe and sees a familiar face.

Marilyn sits awkwardly in a booth with her short raven hair combed back and her green eyes sparkling. She was wearing a red plaid shirt and mom jeans cuffed at the bottom.

Ave swooned at the sight of her and slid into the booth. Marilyn looks up and dives right into conversation, "hi," "hey" Ava replies.

"So question, metaphorically, if you were to kill someone, how would you do it?

" Marilyn asks nonchalantly, "obviously an airshot between the toes, it'll look like a heart attack" Marilyn sucks in a breath obviously already in love, "ok...

" "how long would it take to die if you were to potentially stab someone in the guts?" Ava asks, "well anywhere from two to twenty minutes of course," Ava starts to shake.

Nearing the end of the date the girls exchange phone numbers (they were messaging through the app) and say goodbye with their next date already scheduled.

Marilyn goes home and into her basement, "oki terry my dates over," and picks up a butchers knife, "any last words?"

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