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Affluenza is a psychological malaise supposedly affecting wealthy young people, symptoms of which include a lack of motivation, feelings of guilt, and a sense of isolation.
Inspired by Conan Grays original song, “Affluenza”.

Affluenza 💵💴💶💷

You got fat stacks and cold cash. Money is your only friend. You get everything you want but you don't deserve any of it. Still, it's never enough.

You bathe in diamonds and have never done any chores yourself. You want to be grateful but guilt eats away at your spoiled soul. Affluenza. Every Saturday is another party.

You invite over as many people as possible yet none of them make you happy. Hiding in the bathroom, smoking and trying to get high as you cry about everything that isn't going right.

You feel alone, like no one understands you. Which may be true. Affluenza. As your bill goes up higher and higher your eyes get baggy and you lose interest. Nothing seems worth fighting for.

Living your life like you're just a ghost. Affluenza. School drags on as you think of things you should do, but you come up with nothing that actually excites you.

Gold chains and diamond jewelry line your vanity. Affluenza. Your parents got the big bucks, but you didn't want that now. Grades are dropping, you have no friends you feel you can talk to.

They are all using you. Affluenza. As you wait for your dads expensive car to fill up with gas on a night drive, you decide to be reckless.

As you feel the guilt of having more money than other people you pull out a bulky bag filled with cash.

As you drive you let it fly out the window, all kinds of bills flying out of the car giving you a bit more freedom. You close your eyes and speed up.

Hands off the wheel, dumping the bag out the window. You open your eyes. Your feeling of isolation growing as you look around and see you have sped out of town. You see a tunnel and stop.

You lay in the seat for a bit until your dad calls, "where the hell are you?" You look at the phone. "Shut the fuck up," you said in a dull voice.

Excitement rises in your stomach as you hang up and throw out the phone and run it over. You speed through the tunnel and let yourself lose control.

All your feelings and senses leave you as you finally feel like you can breathe. You crash into a wall. The airbags come up. You are shot out of the car. You lay on the ground.

Leg twisted in a disturbing way, blood coming out of your nose, a broken rib, and blood coating your hair.

Yet you were smiling as your vision got blurry and you could hear the sirens approaching. AFFLUENZA.

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