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Welcome to the new series kiddos.

🚨 SiReN hEaD 🚨

This is another addition to my collection of horror writings. I'm calling this new series, "Midnight Chronicles".

Siren Head is a 40-foot-tall humanoid creature with a heavily emaciated, near-skeletal frame covered in dried, mummified flesh in the color of rusted metal.

It's arms are as long as their legs and have a pole like neck made of mummified skin.

The speakers are the only metal parts of its body, fused to the neck by tendrils of skin and capable of swiveling around it much like the head of an owl.

This creature is said to roam in rural countryside communities and forests.

One story about this creature is about a young boy who sneaks out to the forest (which his parents told him not to go to) one summer morning to meet a girl with his dog, milo.

As he gets deeper into the dense forest he hears the girls voice calling his name and starts to believe she has gotten lost. He looks for her and can't find her but his dog sees something.

As he backs up from his dog barking like crazy he trips over a tree root and as he's falling he looks up to see a 40 foot tall pole like creature.

He heard her voice again come out of the speakers attached to its head and starts to go after him. The boy runs out of the woods and his mother and father see him.

His dad has a shotgun prepared to hurt the thing chasing his son as they hear sirens blared from its head.

After the boy rushes out the large monster comes out as well and the father drops his gun and runs to the storm shelter with his son and wife.

They all got in but as the boy was stumbling into the shelter he noticed his mother wasn't there and witnessed the thing take her away and walk back into the forest.

He lost his father after that who left after acquiring a drinking problem p.

About 30 years later he hears the sirens on the same day it happened many years ago and picks up his gun and axe and calls for milo.

As the two search for him looking for revenge they hear his mother's voice from its speakers.

He tries to attack the siren head but fails to do so and the siren head picks him up and consumes him leaving Milo alone in the forest.

They obtain the voices of others by consuming them and also say random numbers or recorded messages. They play different sirens as well.

Always be aware of your surroundings so you never end up like this boy.

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