🍼🩸 sIpPy CuP 🩸🍼 (Songs Are Stories)
🍼🩸 sIpPy CuP 🩸🍼   (Songs Are Stories) songs are stories stories

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Another Songs are stories piece. Inspired by Melanie Martinez’ song, “sippy cup”.

🍼🩸 sIpPy CuP 🩸🍼 (Songs Are Stories)

Daddy likes to cheat on mom a lot. Mommy doesn't know yet. You hear mommy and daddy fighting, where'd you get the money? Another shift. They play pretend.

You see mommy with her own sippy cup drinking what you hope is juice. Mommy pops pills like it her diet. Daddy buys mommy all the makeup in the world cuz she's too insecure.

Mommy tells you boys are silly, maybe that's why mommy killed him. She drinks from her sippy cup, you are dressed up in a pretty dress. But you're still sad.

Mommy tells you to smile, but you haven't been able to do that in a while. Daddy had all that money but mommy didn't care she wanted love.

His other girl was fake but mommy told you not to talk about her. Her pills got bigger and your little sister has been in the crib for a long time now.

Mommy's always away from home and when she comes home she smells funny. You see cans lining the room. You think mommy's drinking Hawaiian Punch, you take a sip and drink it all up.

Mommy takes you everywhere with new pretty clothes but you're still sad. You keep drinking her punch. The lights are always off. Growing up is hell and baby sister is still in her crib.

You haven't seen her out of her crib in weeks. Mommy lies in bed drinking and stares in the mirror putting on more of daddy's apology makeup. And she's still drinking from her SIPPY CUP.

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