💀⚰️ bUrY a FrIeNd ⚰️💀 (Songs Are Stories)
💀⚰️ bUrY a FrIeNd ⚰️💀   (Songs Are Stories) songs are stories stories

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Bury a friend by Billie Eilish! Another part for Songs are stories! Song suggestions always welcome!

So there’s a monster under your bed and they watch you sleep listen to your dreams and try to figure things about humans and they see you’re not afraid of them which confuses them. You make deals with the monster and soon sell your soul which soon you regret because they use you as a pawn for murder.

💀⚰️ bUrY a FrIeNd ⚰️💀 (Songs Are Stories)

You seem to need something from me, what is it you want from ME? Why don't you ever run from me? What do you know about me? These questions I ask I watch you sleep.

You aren't scared of me, everything about me is deadly. I look through your mind while you dream, "cannibal class, bury a friend, staple your tongue".

I don't what you mean but I stay with you making sure you don't go. I stay in the dark, you are my art. In the blood I collect I paint your picture. You should never talk about me to others.

Part of me wants to kill you, but I must see, where do you go once you fall asleep? You never run from me and my features don't scare you. I'm the monster yet you're fine with me.

There just be something you want from me. If we make a deal you must come collected.

If you speak to me you must spit it out, what do you have to say? What are your plans? You know I'm a monster yet you take me as human...

sometimes I think you're dead but I believe I can use you for my bidding. You have decided to sell your soul to me, now I control you when I want.

Keep your head down as security rushes through the halls, you will become the monster now. You say you want to end me, but I know you can't. Every cut that appears just hurts you.

I have you hide the weapon while I bury our friend. You didn't see this coming but now you're my pawn and every day you let me in we will bury a friend.

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