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Parody of the French "Déjeuner du matin" by Jacques Prévert. It's a poem about a couple breaking up and the struggles they're experiencing.

By: Jacques Prévert

The last page

Parody by Wout Huygens on "Déjeuner du matin" by Jacques Prévert

He put his clothes

In the suitcase

He put the suitcase

In the car

He put the car in the street

With my stuff, he returned

He drank his last coffee with me

He put down our pictures

Without talking to me

Without looking at me

He put on the fire

He put the pictures with our smiles in it

He put his ring deep in his pocket

Without talking to me

Without looking at me

He stood up

He put a letter on the table

He put his keys in his hands

Because he was walking to his car

And he left in the early morning

Without a word

Without looking at me

And I, I took the letter in my hands

And I knew I just read the last page of our story.

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