When Two Worlds Collide
When Two Worlds Collide scifi stories

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It has nearly been ten years since Earth and Jhdajl123 (the alien planet) collided. Humans were in the middle of World War 3 against the aliens trying to invade planet earth. It was a bright sunny day in California in 2040. Bob was in Math Class reading a textbook when the news that Washington had been invaded hit him.

When Two Worlds Collide

It has nearly been ten years since Earth and Jhdajl123 (the alien planet) collided. Humans were in the middle of World War 3 against the aliens trying to invade planet earth.

It was a bright sunny day in California in 2040. Bob was in Math Class reading a textbook when the news that Washington had been invaded hit him.

The Aliens were now going to start invading the U.S

"Pay attention, Bob!" Said Mr. Jack looking annoyed, probably because nobody was paying any attention to him. Bob was in school.

After another 30 minutes of doing nothing, math class was finally over, and it was time for him to go home. When he got home, his mom was making dinner.

He went into his room and looked at the latest updates in the war. Earth was losing the war slowly and slowly, and eventually, the Aliens would occupy the earth.

Bob got out his homework and started doing it. It took him less than 30 minutes to finish the homework. "It was easy" he thought.

After doing homework, he didn't know what else to do and decided to go to the library close to his house to get a book to read.

When he got to the library, he saw that there wasn't a lot of people there. He went to the last row, so he won't be distracted and started looking for a book.

He found a book and was about to start reading it when he noticed a large and old looking book sitting in the corner of the shelf.

Curiosity got the best of him, and he went and took the book off the shelf. The book's title was "The secret information about aliens.

" He flipped through the book and found lots of information about aliens like what they eat, their language, facts about them, etc.

He was amazed by how the book told the details perfectly and could now imagine the aliens.

In the last chapter of the book, though, the book told of this mysterious stone that would kill all aliens and restore peace where you needed it.

Bob wanted this book, so he went to the librarian's desk and checked it out.

When he went home, he ate dinner and helped his parents wash the dishes and did some chores He was happy with doing the chores.

He knew that by doing that, he was saving his parents from doing more. Then, he shut himself in his room and kept reading the book.

After finishing the book, he thought to himself: "should I try to get the stone and end the war, or should I wait for the aliens to take over the world?".

He decided to get the stone and end the war, so he packed all the things he needed, including the book, and left the house unnoticed.

The book told him that there was a secret entrance in a building down the street that would lead him to the stone.

He went inside the building and found a trapdoor that led somewhere down into the ground.

According to the book, it was supposed to be a trapdoor, so he hoped that it was the correct one and went down the trapdoor. He climbed down the ladder, which led to a dark and wet tunnel.

He took out his flashlight and shone it in front of him. He was faced to face with a monster. He couldn't tell what the monster was though, it was facing him and about to fight.

It swung its fists just as Bob ducked and missed his head by one millimeter. Bob ran as fast as he could and got away from the monster just in time.

He could still hear the monster behind him trying to find him.

He reached into his bag to pull out the book when he realized that he had dropped it when he was trying to escape from the monster.

This was really bad news because now he didn't know where to find the stone.

Bob cursed himself for being so careless and figured that he should follow the pathway and will eventually get to the stone. So, Bob followed the pathway and came to a dead end.

Suddenly, a voice echoed from the darkness, "To get past the dead end, you must answer three riddles. If you get any of the three wrong, you will die.

" Then it said, "The first riddle is, I am always hungry and will die if not fed, but whatever I touch will soon turn red. What am I?" Bob thought for a while and said, "Fire.

" After a while, the voice said, "correct." This continued for two more riddles and he got every one of them right. Probably because he was very smart. The wall opened into a large room.

At the end of the room, there was a smooth green stone. There was the stone Bob needed! Bob walked to the stone and tried to pick it up. It would not budge.

Bob tried harder and harder, but the stone still would not shift. Just as everything seemed hopeless, two potions appeared in front of him.

One was filled with a purple liquid, and the other one a green liquid. Both potion bottles had a piece of paper attached to them.

The purple potion read I am a potion that will break the bonds of magic, but if used on anything else will kill you.

The other potion read I am a potion that will do what you wish, but for a price. Bob knew that one of these potions would get him the stone and the other one would kill him.

It was a hard decision, and Bob decided to drink the purple potion. He unscrewed the cap and drank it all up.

Suddenly, he felt a weird tingling sensation in his body. He felt as if he could accomplish anything he wanted.

He grabbed the stone and wasn't surprised that it came off easily and placed the stone into his bag. After he got the stone, he needed to use it to end the Aliens.

The book told him how, so he had to go back, battle the monster, and find the book. He went back the way he came from and saw the monster. It was facing towards him and saw him.

Bob jumped onto the monster and started punching it. The monster howled and shook Bob off. Then, he kicked Bob and made Bob fly and land on the ground a few feet away.

Bob was very bruised now and saw a dented sword lying beside him. He took the sword, swung it at the monster.

Luckily, the monster wasn't paying any attention to him anymore probably because he already thought he was dead. The sword buried itself into the monster's gut- killing him instantly.

Bob searched the ground for his book, and he found it in the corner. He opened it up and started searching for the page.

He found it and learned that he was supposed to smash the stone onto the ground when he wanted to destroy the aliens. He placed his book away, threw the stone at the ground, and stepped back.

"Boom!" the noise was deafening, and Bob covered his ears. A bright blue light shot out of the pieces of stone and into the air.

It broke through the stone ceiling, and the blue light started zapping the aliens. One by one, the aliens all disappeared.

When Bob returned home, his family was glad to see him, and everyone knew he was the one who got rid of the aliens.

Bob became an instant hero at his school, and everyone wanted to be his friend. When the U.S.

Military heard about this, they gave Bob one million dollars for a scholarship as a reward and placed him into the hall of fame.

To this day on, Bob will always be remembered for his hard work and courage.

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