Forever Doesn't Last So Long
Forever Doesn't Last So Long teen poetry stories

wordswortharead Amateur Poet
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Remember when we were little? We’d take every opportunity to see each other.

Forever Doesn't Last So Long

Remember when we were little? We'd take every opportunity to be together. We did all the classic stuff: Pillow forts and pizza and old Disney movies.

As we got older We did it together - All the classic stuff: Late night talks and awful cakes and new Disney movies.

We grew up together. When I was mad at nothing (the world, perhaps) You'd let me rant.

When you were sad I'd let you cry on my shoulder. When times were rough We knew to turn to each other.

We were best friends I loved you - in a best friend kind of way. But we grew more and things changed, And now you're gone.

Now I’m watching you grow up From afar. Without me - With her.

And it hurts more than I care to admit But dang, it hurts. And it's tearing me apart - Forever doesn't last as long as we thought.

Now I’m seething with pain And my vision goes red When I see you with her and not me - Your new best friend.

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