Weddings crush stories

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2 at once

It was wedding month again! That time of the year around the start of summer and end of spring that people decide that they want to get married. Exasperating! I know because suddenly you have -

To find 5 different dresses all to worn in the same fortnigh

Well, as it so happened I heard from someone that my crush was invited, he was coming from the next town and seeing my cousins all dressed up just killed my self confidence. They are simply-

Beautiful, you know? Im one of those clumsy awkward people

Wattpad and the net generally describe! *dm me if u r wierd* Well it kills me to say the bight ended with me having a burping competition with a gang of cute kids which were loyal terrors as we

Annoyed the hell out of my cousins

It was fun! But I think my crush knows to stay away from my wierd antics

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