6 Slides about Nazima but call me naz
6 Slides about Nazima but call me naz stories

wordstalk7Community member
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6 Slides about Nazima but call me naz

by wordstalk7

I grew up in Malawi, anyone knows recognise its existence? .

Growing up here was interesting because nature, I can always see the stars and uts absolutely breathtaking. ..I love watching the clear night sky and lush green trees.

I initially got into this because I love writing though I jave never shown it to anyone. ..this is a first! :-).

My proudest moment was when

someone actually read my story and commented something absolutely beautiful and when I graduated highschool.

My dream is to become a psychologist and travel the world.

I want this because life is too short for boring shenanigans.

Now, I am a teenager waiting anxiously for my results.

I want to go to NYU.

I'm looking forward to writing a moving humour filled novel.

I'm excited about this because I love making people laugh and make them realise that life is more than just money and jobs.

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