Creepypasta Reader Insert (Part 2)
Creepypasta Reader Insert (Part 2) creepypasta stories

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Part 2 is here!

Creepypasta Reader Insert (Part 2)

That was the first thing you notice, the deep crimson standing out against the skin of your hand.

Your eyes take in the sight of the gash. The substance drips until a few drops fit the snow-covered soil

It quickly absorbs into the ground. Your life force becoming one with nature.

You grumble, your mother will not be happy if she finds out this happened.

You pull your hoodie sleeve over the wound, in hopes of hiding it from her prying eyes.

You finally reach the edge of the tree line and walk across the unfenced backyard.

You walk up the stairs of the back porch and open the back door.

You didn't bother to lock it, you simply ease inside, the warmth overwhelming me.

You remove your boots after shutting and locking the door behind you, then head towards the kitchen.

Please don't be around the corner, please be upstairs in her office- Your silent prayer is cut off by the sight of your mother staring directly at you.

You freeze on the spot, "You're late," She says in a monotone voice.

"When am I ever on time in your eyes?" You wanted to bark back at her but instead, you reply with a simple; "Sorry,"

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