Creepypasta Reader Insert (Part 1)
Creepypasta Reader Insert (Part 1) horror stories

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The first part to my Creepypasta story

Creepypasta Reader Insert (Part 1)

Winter has always been your favorite season. The intense cold was nothing to you. Even in the thin material of of your (favorite color) hoodie.

The sun made the untouched snow of the forest around you glitter like millions of tiny diamonds.

You breathe in, releasing a warm huff of air shortly afterward. It quickly disappeared into the gentle breeze, becoming one with the wind.

The bare trees tower over your form, their branches reaching out in many directions, forming a sort of canopy over the clearing.

This was your safe place.

You stand there for hours. The sight of the setting sun brings you out of your dream state and into reality.

"C'mon (Your name), you should get going" "Mother is probably already worried," You sigh at the thought, hesitant to leave. You finally urge your feet to move, turning them towards home.

You look behind me one last time, "I'll be back," You slowly tread away, following your previous footprints. You hum a tune mindlessly, taking your leisurely time.

"She can wait, all of this is her fault," You think bitterly. Sure, the scenery was beautiful, but this town is a deadbeat in every other regard.

"Why did we have to move so suddenly?" You frown at the thought as your hand absentmindedly brushes against the bark of a tree next to you. You're brought out of your own mind by the sensation of stinging pain.

You hiss and look down at the source.


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