Alcohol Poisoning
Alcohol Poisoning slam+poem stories

wordsofthewise She/They ~ 20 ~ Lame Writer
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Trigger warning: Toxic relationship, depression and mentions of alcohol

Alcohol Poisoning

Hello? Are you there? Sorry, I had to be sure you were still here. I was afraid you left again.

Darkness is all I see. You've pulled the wool over my eyes again. Feeling like I'm stuck in time. The silence is deafening

Makes me question every sound and syllable that could ever be said. I shed a silent tear Every moment hurts like an eternity. Sinking slowly, struggling but this sea of troubles is vast as hell.

Even if I stumble around, I can't see the path. I'm locked in on your pretty facade. Frozen by you, I could never erase you. And I wonder for a moment if you feel as numb as me?

Loving you is risky. A hellfire cocktail made of poisonous whiskey But I keep drinking you down like holy water. I can't help being thirsty when my soul is starving so I'll let the feeling of you on my tongue overflow

Another shot to fill the crack. Ignite another fire to burn my heart black. Neither of us will let it die. Forever waking up in a haze if I even manage to sleep. The sleep paralysis demon in the corner of my room is more welcoming than you.

I made the mistake of opening the door for you. Our daily battles allow our sick fantasy to stay afloat. We smile and laugh as we kick and scream. No one but us understands it and that really scares me.

Looking at you gives me an identity crisis. Are you a devil with angels wings? Or an angel with wicked schemes? Getting twisted, where does the hate end and the love begin?

You tell me I'm not the girl you used to love. The person I see in the mirror isn't me. That thing is what you wanted me to be. A perfect picture with a broken frame.

Wearing a smiling mask and calling it my honest feelings. My feet want to run off a cliff and release my wings, But I know you’ll never grant me that kind of freedom

Love no longer resonates with me. The music in my heart's a dead melody. I accept this is my final moment, Our last dance.

As we sway to the song of our inevitable demise, I ask one thing of you, my dear. Pour one more drink for me, So in the end, I'll know, you were always too bittersweet for me

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