A Cinderella Parody: Fixing A Story.
A Cinderella Parody:  Fixing A Story. fairytale parody stories

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I woke up to another dreadful day of slavery. Oops don't mind me I meant working.

A Cinderella Parody: Fixing A Story.

I woke up to another dreadful day of slavery.

Oops don't mind me I meant working.

Ya right.

I whistled to the birds and they came.

"Keep a lookout for stepmother, Anastasia and Drizella." I whispered to them.

They sang a note of obedience, and flew off.

I started dressing into my disguise.

It was day 1,563.

And I had tons of dirt on my step-family.

I couldn't wait to use it.

To be free!

I was in a business, that my mother had been in before me.

When I was called Ella.




I was dressed in my rags, for the a fifth to final time.

I walked out and did the morning chores.

While the warty princesses and disgusting, horrid queen slept.

I fed the chickens, and I did last nights dishes.

Since I fell asleep with them mocking me.

But that was in my head, they said.

But only in front of their mother, were they calm.

Those traitorous, little...

I cleared my mind.

I have to be calm, I thought.

And I was.

For the next three days, I listened, I followed and I obeyed.

And that when everything changed.

The prince was having a ball.

Two days from now it said.

I said goodbye to the chauffeur.

And had a internal meltdown.

I could not....

This couldn't...


I gave the letter to Anastasia and left the room before she screeched in happiness.

Even though it sounded like a vultures call.

I ran out to the backyard and plugged my ears, with my fingers.

3...2...1... I counted aloud.

"OMGERD!!!!!" She shrieked in her annoying high voice.

And then the thumping of Drizella going down the stairs.

"Ugh, what are you doing." She said in her also annoying pitched voice.

She told her and she had the same reaction.


She screamed.

I swear I saw the roof shift.

And they made preparations the whole day.

With me as the designer,the pincushion.

Then it was finally time for them to go to bed.

And I put on my innocent act.

I saw Stepmother, lounging around in the parlor.

"Stepmother, may I come tomorrow to the ball?"

She smirked and replied "Of course, but you will have to bring your own dress."

She said yes??

Something was wrong.


There it is.

"You will have to finish this whole weeks chores by tomorrow.

Ok, someone take this lady to the asylum.

'Cause she needs some help.

I nodded and added a smile of cheer, to finish off the act.

And I turned on my heel, went to the kitchen.

And got the cleaning supplies. I look at the mile long list.

"This is going to be a long night." I say with no enthusiasm.

After a whole night and a few hours of working my..

Everything off. I was done


But there was still a matter of what to wear.I went up to my room, and called over my mice.

"Gus? Jaq?" I called.

They scurried out of the mouse hole.

"Hello, what do you need?" Gus asked.

I told them and they went back into the hole.

"Hey what are you doi--." I faltered when I saw the mouse army they brought out.

I whistled and the birds entered.

"Please help the mice." I said to them

They whistled a tune, and got off to work.

After a long time they finished!

They had fixed a old gown of my mothers, and added some spirit back into it.

I looked out the window it sure was late.

I walked down from the attic, and down the stairs. Then the grand staircase.

I saw my step-family, all ready in their luxurious gowns.

Anastasia and Drizella saw me, and their mouths gaped open.

And so did Stepmothers. I smiled a tiny bit to myself.

Ok maybe a lot.

When I was done the stairs I got mobbed.

They tore my dress.

I fake cried. "I did everything you asked stepmother."

She didn't reply, and Anastasia and Drizella laughed.

They walked off into the carriage, and on forth into the night.

I raced out, into the gardens. The plan had gone awire.

Keep on the act I thought. Someone could be watching. So I sobbed, and sobbed.

And that's when I saw a operative.

She was dressed for the book setting.

But she looked like a fairy godmother.

"You have to leave this era soon, Ella."

She knew that I got attached to the roles I played, good or bad.

"I know, but I need some help here."

"Oh ya!" And she fixed me up. She made me a wonderful blue dress, and glass heels. Plus she set me up with a carriage.

She said that we would leave at midnight and the real Ella would return. We had fixed the story. So we would have to leave the tale.

And things went on how it was supposed to. Just like you know it to be.

And that's my story here, for this book.

"Hey come on Ella, we have to go!"

Bye my dear diary, for now.


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