Do Not Cry; a poetry
Do Not Cry; a poetry sexual-assault-awareness stories

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She cried that night as she lose her might

Do Not Cry; a poetry

She cried that night

as she lose her might

to break free

from his lustful touch;

Her own body

that was kept holy

was tortured badly

without matrimony.

Would it hurt more to lose

your virginity to a stranger?

But it wrecks her heart,

knowing that the one who disrespected

her is her father?

His rough hands

that used to protect

are now on his

thing that's fully erect.

His eyes that

used to adore

surely doesn't know

that he's banging her.

Father, father,

she screamed in pain,

It is me, your daughter,

But drugs doesn't let him hear her out.

Morning came

and he called her name.

He saw his hand and it's dirty secret-

he wiped her innocence on a piece of blanket.

"do not cry,

let's forget

what happened

last night."

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