You got rejected from your dream school. Now what?

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You got rejected from your dream school. Now what?

by wong

Calm Down

It's heart shattering to see the rejection letter -- no matter how kindly they word it. But being sad won't get you accepted. Stay calm and consider other options.

Talk to your counselor/parent/guardian

Be honest with them & break the news. Your friends and family won't abandon you because you didn't get into an Ivy League. Work with your counselor and continue your search or appeal the decision

Remember that rejection doesn't mean you're not qualified.

You're applying for a limited spot in the freshman class and the colleges are filling up with students that are of diverse backgrounds with different interests and majors.

Reevaluate Your College List

Consider your list of colleges not by their prestige, but rather what they can help you with. Visit diff. campuses and make a pro/con chart evaluating what you'll get out of it in 4 years

Remember that many notable entrepreneurs got rejected too

Some would attribute their success to the college that they attended instead. Be optimistic and see which college can help you make the most out of your skills and interest

Consider community college

Finish your general education course credits, save a ton of money, get more opportunity at excelling at extracurriculars, and transfer to your dream school with a neat application.

less prestigious school ≠ less prestigious future

I know many valedictorians w/ 4.0 who were rejected by most of the Ivy League schools and they're doing fantastic at their new school Be confident in your ability to excel at wherever you go

Look on the bright side

Somewhere in the world, a student less fortunate and more fit for the school got an acceptance letter for your spot, and they have you to thank.

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Awesome post!