Life in 8 Slides - Jason Wong
Life in 8 Slides - Jason Wong stories

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Here's my life condensed into 8 slides!

Life in 8 Slides - Jason Wong

by wong

I pitched this idea to Sydney as a new Comma prompt

He loved it, so I'll do one! Here's my life condensed into 8 slides :)

1997 (age 0) - Born in Hong Kong

My dad was a construction worker and my mom was a sales person. We lived in a small flat that's as big as my garage today! Life was really good since we never needed much.

2005 (age 8)- Parents divorced & I moved to Upstate New York

My uncle took us in and we worked in his Chinese restaurant in return. I attended elementary and started connecting with the American culture. (Also dated a girl for the first time)

2007 (age 10) - The Americanization

I started learning English through watching Disney Channel and other cartoon channels. It was really difficult since it would be my third language after Cantonese and Mandarin.

2012 (age 14) - First contact with business..selling candy

My mum left to Canada and I stayed in the US with my uncle. I began learning about business and started selling candies in school to make some spending money.

2014 (age 16) - Started an eCommerce Clothing Shop

I had a passion for business, but very limited capital and resources. I started Trendyco with $1950 from my savings, and used as little expense as possible.

2015 (age 17) - Joined DECA, Debate, and Model UN

Through extracurriculars at school, I improved my public speaking skills and increased my self confidence. In turn, I set higher goals for myself as well as Trendyco.

2016 (age 18) - Moved to California to expand Trendyco

I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and be more independent. It was a difficult transition but it's going great so far! Everything is a learning experience & the connections here is amazing.

Now (age almost 19) - Going to college & traveling

Dedicating more time on philanthropic work through my businesses, setting down and going to college as a computer science major. Very grateful that I put in that $1950 investment.

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