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wongAspiring dog owner
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Giving myself fatherly lessons...because why not

I Wish My Dad Told Me

by wong

I grew up without much of a father figure in my life

I turned to the internet to learn things that fathers would typically teach their kids. Here's what I've learned!

Don't hold yourself back emotionally

Talking to others when you're sad or crying in front of others doesn't make you any less of a man. Don't disparage others for doing the same.

Value the people around you

Treat others with kindness regardless of what they can do for you. Friends are valuable and will only stay if you see them as such.

Failure is a part of the journey

I became really discouraged after failing at business the first time. It took a while to understand that it is a learning experience and a stepping stone to improve myself.

You get what you pay for

When I had very little money, I would buy the cheapest product as long as it did the job. I did the same after making money but did not realize that they are cheap because they're poorly made.

Money doesn't equate success

Growing up, I was fixated on the idea that as long as I made a million dollars, I would be successful. I wish my dad told me to value other things that would be equally fulfilling instead.

Choose a faithful girlfriend, everything else is a bonus

I stopped going around looking for the perfect girl and instead met someone who is perfect for myself. Took a while for me to adjust, and I have no "regrats"

Your own perception of yourself is more important

After being on social media for so long, I grew accustomed to changing myself to satisfy others rather than myself. It's important to be yourself, not someone else.

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