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I Make Memes for a Living

by asian

I'm 18 and I made social media my part-time job

I started a blog on Tumblr when I was 16 and never thought that anything would come out of it.

My job is to develop advertising campaigns for brands

I help brands study their audience and create contents with the aim of it going "viral." I like to call my job title the "meme developer"

I also run some accounts on my own!

I learned to network with people from different social media platforms and grew my accounts to over 1.2 million audience collectively. I run the Tumblr blog Asian, Happiest, and Animal-Factbook!

Animal-Factbook (AFB)

AFB is a blog where nearly all the "facts" are made up for entertainment purposes. I created AFB because I wanted to nail the message that not everything on the internet is true.

AFB was a hit!

We were selected as the most viral Tumblr blog of 2015 by Tumblr, gaining over 100,000 followers in under 1 month.

First Company: Trendyco

I needed $ to pay for college, so when I was 16 I started Trendyco with 2 purposes: help young artists on Tumblr capitalize on their talent through showcasing their art on tees and make $$$$$

I have never taken a business course before

Like a lot of entrepreneurs say, "just jump into it," so I took the leap when I was 16. I learned all the basics through the internet, and funded the company through my part-time job as a waiter

The returns were amazing.

I met so many like-minded individuals and mentors while working on this business; learning from accomplished CEOs and working alongside talented young artists

Now, I'm focusing on Fifthtee

Working with non-profit organizations such as Best Friends and the Humane Society, Fifthtee sells creative animal inspired t-shirts and using a fifth of the proceeds to sponsor sheltered animals

I'm fortunate to be in this position

To everyone reading and those who supported me through my ups and downs, thank you so much for helping me in any way you could. I'm excited to join you guys in "pencil sharpening!"

Connect with me!

My instagram is @pug and you can find me on twitter at @eggroli Ask me any questions about the cool stuff on the interwebs

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