How to network when you're a nobody
How to network when you're a nobody stories

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How to network when you're a nobody

by asian

Think of your worth

Evaluate your own skills and possessions and see what you can bring to the table. For example, you might be talented at something or have connections to someone important.

Identify your interests

Who would you like to connect with? Someone who knows how to grow a business? High-level executives of big companies? Narrow down and hunt for these people or people that know them

Prepare and improve your communication skills

Leave a good impression by presenting yourself as outgoing and curious. Show that you're interesting and would like to learn more about the person you're meeting with.

Attend events that gather like-minded individuals

This could be a wine party, hackathon, school club, company outing. Anything that you can get access to and you think you can benefit from, try it out and practice your communication skills!

Reach out and introduce yourself

Make the effort to introduce yourself and tell the person where you're from. Don't be shy to tell them what you're looking for and ask them for guidance.

Begin the cycle

Chances are, the person you connected with has a bazillion other connections. Start the cycle of meeting new people through your old connections. Meet. Repeat.

Stay connected.

Connections are in essence, other human beings. Keep in contact and communicate often. They're your friends too, not just someone you go to when you need something.

Help others

If you meet someone new who needs to be connected, share your wealth of connections! All the fun is in sharing your network and creating something amazing together.

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