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Kate loves to play on her phone. She plays on it so much she only has one friend at school. But one bright sunny Saturday morning when she grabs her phone and starts to play her game,she gets a ad for a new game. The game seems to be fun so she gets it. But it is no ordinary game.

By: Wolfie Liker (Me)

The phone Part 1

by Wolfie Liker (Me)

*7:59 am* *8:00 am* beep! beep! beep! It was a Saturday morning.

Wait! here is a little information about Kate: Loves to wake up early, likes to play on her phone A LOT! Kate's real name is Katelyn but people call her Kate for short.

Has a brother that is 1 year older than her and his name is Jack. Has a little sister that is 5 years younger than her and her name is Jade, Her Dad died in a car crash when she was 7.

Lives with her mom (but her mom is always out working to take care of her 3 kids). Age stats: Kate 14 Jake 15 Jade 9 Mom (real name Sapphire) 46.

Alright now you know about Kate let's continue the story. Kate just woke up. She hoped out of bed and went down stairs. She made herself some cereal.

After she finished her breakfast and made her way to the bathroom. "Hey Jack" Kate said. She hoped beside him and started to brush her teeth. She washed her face and ran to her room.

Kate got on her phone and start to play games. "Oh yeah baby take that Mamathechunk4328" Kate yelled "NOO I will get you HaHaMAC_90 " Kate had died in her game.

She clicked re-join and a AD popped up saying: Download in-a-phone its a great game for ages 7 and up. She got the game as it was downloading she kept playing

~5 minutes later~ bing! Kate got a notification saying "In-a-phone is downloaded." Kate quit the round and went to in-a-phone.

Jade walked in the room "Sis time for lunch mom made sandwiches" Jade said.

Kate looked at the time *1:37* "Wow! I have been play for a while?!" "Yeah yeah it ain't new, ugh why won't mom get me a phone you got yours at 7 i'm 9!!" Jade said.

Kate threw her phone on the bed and went down stairs with Jade.

Part 2 coming soon

Thanks for reading! 😀 All art done by me

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