Mini stories ep.1
Mini stories ep.1 mini stories

wolfie_liker21 Community member
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mini story are just for fun they don't mean anything in my real ones

Mini stories ep.1

Hewo I'm Cassie im 8 years old.

I live with my mommy and daddy oh and big sissy. I have a doggy well I have 3. Macy, Kay and the little puppy Jimmy.

Oh silly me! Well in our world there are 4 tribes. Fire,Water,Wind and Earth. No one knows about me or big sissy we are a secret.

Because daddy is from Fire and mommy from water they are not allowed to be together. Me and big sissy are wind. Because Daddy says "water puts out fire and leaves smoke behind so we are wind."

Oh no! Umm I forgot to say that I wanted to go out to see the real world and the guards saw a half and half and they are after me

Sorry go to go bai

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