Angel's embrace prologue
Angel's embrace prologue student stories

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Prologue It was a rainy late spring morning and students stood in front of the board, eyes searching for their names.

Angel's embrace prologue


It was a rainy late spring morning and students stood in front of the board, eyes searching for their names.

A girl with russet hair stared at the board, "No. No." She said as her eyes finally found her name, "I couldn't... it can't be." The failure list was in front of her.

Wiping away tears of shame, she spun around and left.

"Auris! Did you get in?" Another girl, Alicia, asked her as she entered her flat, Auris sighed, shaking her head, she went into her room, closing the door behind her. "Guess not.

" Alicia sighed, returning to kitchen.

Auris slid down against the wall, sobbing and breaking into crying. "I'm never gonna draw again. I swear.

" She cried loudly, hugging her knees, she kept her tears falling down, making small puddles on the floor.

As hours went by, Auris finally started to calm down. Taking deep breaths she rose from the floor and made her way towards her notebook. Softly turning it on, she sat down into her chair.

Soon as the main screen appeared, she started browsing through the high schools again, "Nope. Nope. Definitely no." She mumbled to herself as she checked the schools out.

Suddenly her eyes caught one, "Medicine school. Interesting." She said with small eye roll, "Looks like another lost years, spent in a useless facility.

" She sighed opening the page, "Doesn't look that bad." She added few moments later, rising from her chair, Auris made her way to her closet and pulled out a suitcase.

As she started to pack her things, someone knocked on her door, "Come in!" She called knowing Alicia was on the other side, "How are you-What the hell are you doing?

!" Alicia screeched seeing her friend bent over the luggage. Auris shrugged, "Packing.

" She said in flat tone, placing anothet of her gloves into the bag, "Why?" Alicia asked, Auris turned to look at her, "Oh... I see now.

" Alicia mumbled sitting down beside her, "You didn't get in, did ya?" she asked, her bright blue eyes staring at her. Auris shook her head, "No.

"Auris hissed through gritted teeth, trying hard not to break down the second time.

Alicia gave her weak smile," Come here, kitty." She pulled her into tight hug," It's okay, it's not the end of the world.

"She soothed her, rubbing circles on her back as Auris sobbed into her shoulder. After a while, she finally pulled away," Thanks, Sly." She choked out, wiping away the tears.

"What are you gonna do now?" Auris shrugged, "Study another shool, it's not like I could do anything else anyway." She replied, zipping up her bag.

Alicia looked around, "You didn't pack your sketchbook?" She asked, Auris shook her head, "I'm not touching that thing ever again." Alicia chuckled softly, "We'll see about that." She grinned.

"Wanna me to go with you to the train station?" "No, it's okay, I'll manage." Auris said as she pulled away from Sly again, "You sure?" She nodded, "Bye." "Goodbye, kitty.

And remember, I'm just a call away if things get rough." "Don't worry, I won't forget that, ever.

" Auris said before getting into the elevator, they waved each other until the another floor made it impossible.

Train ride went smoothly, as Auris gathered the information about her new school.

She jumped out if the train and cold night air hit her face. With one hand wrapped around herself abd the other holding her bag, she made her way toward her old house.

She grimaced as her house came into view, pulling out the key, she unlocked the door and stepped in, closing them behind her. She switched the light on and went to stove to start the fire.

Later that night, after unpacking everything out, she sat down on sofa with cup of hot chocolate and her laptop, trying to write another of her stories.

It was close to midnight when she finally fell asleep on the sofa, curled up between pillows and her notebook.


Auris grumbled as the sun rays hit her eyes. She sat up, stretching her arms with giant yawn.

Walking to her room, she opened the first drawer and took her favorite green blouse with black T-shirt, light blue trousers and white socks along with ger flower black gloves.

She quickly got dressed and prepared breakfast.

Later she stuffed her important things into small bag and exited her house, running to the bus stop.

She hopped off several stops later and started walking toward the school.

She rang on bell and waited, soon the doir opened and short older looking lady stepped in, "May I help you?

" She asked, Auris cleared her throat, "Yes please, My name is Auris MaxWolf and I'm here to start my studies here." The lady smiled, "Oh yeah, you wrote the email.

Well Miss MaxWolf, welcome to our school. Wanna show around?" Auris nodded, "Yes please." She said with a smile, the lady nodded and stepped aside, allowing her to enter.

"And here's the laboratory. Unfortunately we can't go in right now,we don't want to interrupt." The headmaster said pointing toward white door. Auris only nodded, eyes wondering around.

"And the last part are the special classrooms designed specifically for the first aid.

" Headmaster finished turning toward the russet headed girl, "What do you think?" "The school looks lovely to be honest. I really want to study here.

" She answered with big smile, making the other woman smile as well, "Well, we'll see you around in September then. Goodbye."

"Goodbye. It was pleasant to meet you." Auris said before exiting the school, she casted last glance behind her, seeing small amount of red hair dissapearing behind a wall.


"How did it go?" Alicia asked the moment she picked up the phone, "Fantastically, I'm in." Auris said happily, hugging her plush skull.

"That's amazing, congratulations." Auris chuckled slightly, "No need to. It's just a medical school.

" She said while checking her things, "Missing your art already?" Alicia asked, hearing the grumbling, "Maybe." Auris replied with questioning voice, "Ha! Told ya.

" Alicia mocked her playfully, "Want me to come and bring them?" "If you want." Auris said in defeated tone, "It's getting pretty late, I should go to sleep. It was nice hearing you again. Bye.

" "Goodbye kitty, sweet dreams." Sly said before hanging up.

Auris placed the phone beside her. Laying down, she kept thinking over the day. Finally after few hours, she slipped into dreams.


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