Ultra Universe Series Book 1 My Hero Academia x OC One UnLucky Superdog Prologue
Ultra Universe Series Book 1
My Hero Academia x OC

One UnLucky Superdog

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'What?! No! Did I say you can pet me?!'
I'm Nor Burōka and if this message gets out to anyone... Let them know, that I am surrounded by idiotic, quirky humans. What, you expect me to cry for help? Heh, You make me laugh. I am a powerful 'cute little' hound just to let you know. This enables me to do whatever I want, except get home that is. How troublesome...

Started on November 4th 2019...
Book One of the Ultra Universe Series
+ Season 1 of My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia

Contains Foul Language

Disclaimer :
Original Plot of My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia is not mine! Please support the manga creator, Kohei Horikoshi, and the animation of My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia.

Ultra Universe Series Book 1 My Hero Academia x OC One UnLucky Superdog Prologue

Why did today, out of all days, have to be sooo fricken hot out...          I slowly chugging towards the post office in order to deliver an application for my enrollment for a high school.  'What high school?' you may ask. To U.A. (Ultra Academy) of course, one of the top educated superhero high school here in Japan.

These power surges...these 'quirks' manifest in nearly 80% of the population in this world. This, of course, caused a number of out breaks of unnecessary power worldwide.

Sooner or later, these  unnecessary out breaks turn into crime rates and problematic issues for the government and the innocent citizens. They were lost on what to do with horrifying problem growing worst everyday. Until right before their eyes, they found the solution....Heros!

In order to control this surge of quirks, they created a law where quirks shall not be used in public places unless given a certain license. Thus, hero licenses were created for the sole purpose of defeating villains, becoming rich, and becoming popular. At least, this information is what I read from the local library and internet.

Though in my opinion, there really shouldn't a law against doing heroism. "Look, mommy! It's a puppy!"           Oh god. Please no.

I look to my right, right after I stop my pace before the street light turns green, to see at least a five year old daughter holding her mother's hand.

I bet she is going t—"Mommy? Do you think I could pet it?"           Why me.

"I don't know darling. It could be rabid." I shake my black fur before the light turns red. I glared at her with my dark blue eyes.

"You know Lady. It's rude to assume that every dog you meet is rapid."

"Mommy! That dog just talked!" her daughter exclaimed will hiding behind her mother's legs.

"Little one, no offense but... you are being a bit racist" as I said while on my chest near my heart my gem glowed every time I 'spoke'. Before they could get another word in, I crossed the street. I know I'm being rude myself, but after all the 'love and attention' I get from strangers is really getting on my nerves.

///////////////////////////////////////////// After finally arriving at the post-office in this horrible weather and putting my forged document into the slot, it was time to head back to my apartment.

'Why am I applying to this school?' you may ask. Well, I applied for this school in hopes of gaining information...information to get me back home.

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