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woah22222 Just writing to write so I can write.
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Whoever has lost there dog would understand what it took to write about one. Specially, if you watched your dog die in front of your eyes. I cry every time I think of her.
I know I am not the only one.


Coco how I watched you go?

She was my Babas

That was her nickname

Because no matter how old she got,

Her face looked like a puppy

She would always lay right next to me

Cuddled up to me so much

How did her time pass by?

She was the best sweetheart you could ever have.

The moment we entered that medical room where all the family sat

We were going to see our dog for the last time.

Trying to treasure every last moment

Like when she wanted to go outside.

Took her on her leash as if we were going for a walk

Looked like she was ready to go home though

As she was pushing against the door

Our family tried to enjoy our last time outside together

Walking back in tears I could not hold back any longer

Next uncomfortable minutes waiting for that sharp needle

To end my babas life,

She looks at us like always

We are crying looking at her as if we were just born.

My father crushing her beneath his arms

Never seen him act that way

My mother blowing her nose so loud

My brothers tears begin to show

As her eyes finally begin to shut

Message to you babas from me

"Goodbye babas"

No more will I see that face that wanted to go home.

My Coco, my babas: how I watched you go?

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