The feeling of being selfish
The feeling of being selfish poetry stories

witheyesofglass Community member
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Love is selfish by nature

The feeling of being selfish

It's truly marvelous how

Love brings out the selfishness

Out of stupid guys in love like me

Even if it cost your happiness

When you told me you were single?

That you wouldn't date him anymore

I felt a rush of emotion and stupidity

I thought things would be like before

Emotion because I thought you'd come back

Stupidity because I know that you won't

It's not like with him out of the picture

The distance between us it's going to get shorter

I'm not proud of how I felt

In fact, I felt like such a clown

Because I know the things you must be feeling

Hell, I'm feeling then right now!

I just keep getting all these thoughts

That give me a slight bit of hope

So, I can cope with the loneliness

That invades me when you're gone

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