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witheyesofglass Community member
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Sometimes good things come from dark places

I've known

I've known man after man

And countless ladies too

We're not really that different

I'm not different from you

I've know the darkness within

The depths of the human mind

And usually the pain likes to hide

Below the shiniest smile

I've know love and hate

From shapeshifter lips

But you can't state anything as in stone

For everything is taken by the wind

I've known what silence conceals

The words that we decided to hide

Even though they're always our truth

We rather stay silent so we don't lie

I have seen many faces

Some glowing, some glooming

But in all of these cases

The train of life never stops fuming

I've known what lives outside

And it can be bittersweet

But what's inside is sometimes scarier

That what lives past our barrier

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