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witheyesofglass Community member
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Ever felt like you don't deserve to be with someone?

I'm sorry

Was I not careful?

Is there something I can amend?

Do I deserve this treatment?

There's no one to whom lament

Maybe it was fun for you

Believe me, it was for me too

But this joke landed on other's ears

And I can no longer hear it

I can no longer feel it

I don't know if I ever did

I'm not even sure if I loved you

Its this what you always do?

You just act as if I was a fool?

And pretend I can't see this?

Can't hear what you say to him?

If that's so then, jeez

I guess it can be helped

Go and love him more than you loved me

I'll just stay here in bed

Wondering if I should still breathe

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