A dream. By aphroditereincarnated
A dream. 
By aphroditereincarnated
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Memories, feelings, a story, I don’t know.

A dream. By aphroditereincarnated

A sea of gold and a boy.

That’s all she could remember.

For years now, for as long as she could remember,

she’s dreamt the same dream,

over and over,

night after night.

And morning after morning,

the same feeling.

Like sand slipping through your fingers,

like dust,

like water,

like air.

You try and you try but you just can’t hold on,

and it slips away.

But then you realize, there on your clothes,

under your fingernails,

stuck in your shoes,

somehow in your pockets,

a tiny grain of sand,

and then there’s more

and you can’t seem to get it all off

but you’re not sure if you really want to

cause it’s all you have

as a memory

a souvenir

of a place you once loved

from the beach

your old home,

or maybe you don’t want to breathe,

to let the air out from your lungs

cause it’s the air you breathed in as you hugged them—

that person who you haven’t seen in what feels like forever,

so you breathe in deep,

knowing that you’ll have to let them go eventually but at least,

at least,

you can have this,

the smell of them,

it’s warmth,

it’s softness,

or maybe it was strong,

like spices,

and you breathe out,

and suddenly you can’t remember anymore,

the feelings merely lingering but the truth already gone,

but you have to,

you have to breathe out,

to let it all go,

cause if you hold it all in

everything becomes uncomfortable;

the world becomes a blur,

and everything goes dark,

and suddenly you can’t see,

and you can’t feel your hands,

nor your soul.

You die.

So you take a shower,

wash your clothes,

and breathe out.

And a hazy image is all your left with,

a sea of gold and a boy.

It’s all she’s left with.

Morning after morning.

Day after day.

It’s all the same.

It slips away.

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