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This is a poem I wrote a while back that I decided to share, I did some editing to it though, excited to hear some opinions because I know it still needs work.



It's a powerful thing,

It can make amazing things happen,

It can help us believe in things,

And to believe in people.

It helps us to move on with our lives,

When bad things happen,

Because that hope is there,

Hope that things will get better,

It helps us to see that light at the end of the darkness,

And it helps us believe that we can reach that light.


It gives us a lot,

It helps us,

It heals us,

It believes in us,

And it gives us belief.

But what happens,

When we lose all hope?

We lose all belief?

Maybe we make the wrong decisions,

And we go down the wrong path?

We seem to become lost,

It becomes dark,

And we can no longer see that light.

We fear everything,

Where we used to fear nothing.

We no longer believe in ourselves.

We go into a dark corner of our minds,

And lock the door behind us,

Breaking the key,

So that we may never get out,

We never believe that things will get better.

We never try to move on with our lives.

Without hope,

It is dark.

We are lost.

Never to be found again.

Losing hope,

Is losing apart of yourself.

So always keep that light in sight,

And never stop moving towards it.

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