Recursive Loop.
Recursive Loop.

 twin stories

wiseywig Community member
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A poem about a Loop.
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Recursive Loop.

Waking to a wondrous place Surrounded by deference and grace

I stopped a gilded courtier in mid pace

‘ help me now, to understand ‘ ‘ who is the ruler in this wonderland ?‘

Uncertainty chased fear across his face ‘ why, you are, your grace ‘.

I met my gaze in a proffered mirror Saw the accusing stare of an unrecognised sinner

I mounted the battlements in confusion Perspective would free me of this delusion

Someone called to me from the path below ‘ knowledge is mine to bestow ‘ ‘ walk then, with me, if you seek to know ’

The guard at the gate barred my way ‘ but my lord, you instructed me to stop you leaving, yesterday ’ I started to command ‘Stand aside - wretched creature ‘

Unable to speak on seeing he was identical to me in every feature

Beyond the moat, just outside, The stranger started to gently chide ‘ perhaps you’ll join me tomorrow, my friend ’

‘ tell me - will our daily ritual, this charade, never end ? ‘

I was about to protest I was a prisoner, in anger

Until I saw that he too was my doppelgänger

Reality faded, darkness took its place

Until waking, I found myself in a wondrous place.

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