Crown Or Kin
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wintryknight13 - I write base on emotion & inspiration
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First Poem on site by Me.

Crown Or Kin

On one hand I rule the whole wide world

On the other is the way back home

To my left all within my grasp

To my right love that'll always last

Can strength be found in power

Or in luminous light from faces I know

Is joy high up a tower

Or inside a spirit that casts no shadow

Up above I can stand on my own

Down below I'll never be alone

Victory lies ahead of me

Losing the life I was blind to see

I longed for the throne as my fate

By no means, if all that is left is hate

My mind strives for wishes to be made

My heart can't let those I hold dear fade

I want to be unbeatable

But it takes goodness to be invincible

So what shall it be, the crown or kin

To have it all end, or to have it all begin

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