This New Year Lets Change Our Vibe!
This New Year Lets Change Our Vibe! witchcraft stories

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Looking for a resolution this new year? let's get rid of all that anxiety and toxicity that we have been cradling since so long. The only way to do that is by changing the way we present ourselves alone or around people. It's time to change our vibe!

This New Year Lets Change Our Vibe!

There are a lot of us who have always been with someone in their lives.

They are always surrounded by people who love them, who tell them how much they mean to them and most of all this is taken for granted.

The person craves for a time alone but when they are actually left alone for more time than they expected, it gets too much to handle. An example of how the grass is always greener on the other side.

There is also the kind of people who have never received love but they long for it. they are used to spending their time alone, they like doing things their way.

When they actually have someone around them all the time, they start getting really irritated and miss being alone.

These kind of people are the clever ones, the observant ones,

the ones who you think are suffering but what really makes them happy is their solitude and sometimes they themselves fail to realize it.

I don't know which category you fall in, but I belong to the one I talked about first.

Since life is so uncertain and full of twists and turns, you never know what's coming for you or in what situation you might land in.

People say you better be "prepared" but how can you be prepared for something you have no clue about?

Well, I am just like you and no matter which category I fall in, maybe not entirely... but we all are humans and what connects us are the emotions we feel.

When two people feel the same kind of emotion towards something or even each other, even hatred, or anger

there is a bond that is created because the two are sharing the same kind of energy with each other.

All of this sounds a bit mumbo-jumbo-ish to some and to some, it will make sense but it is what I have discovered and I strongly believe in it.

I have always been someone who gets extremely bored with things really easily and this helps me explore things deeply as I get obsessed with them but I'm never gain complete knowledge out of it.

This new year I have decided that I'm going to explore all the things I want to and deeply, and finish it.

I'm going to be writing about it here if you're a believer of magic then these writing will probably interest you, but even if you don't its okay.

This majorly is for me before anyone else.

I'm someone who values the gift of empathy and belief. I care about emotions that are good and even the bad.

There will be people who will break your trust because its something I deal with too, but i'll honestly tell you one thing. You can trust me, and you can trust me whole.

I can see your intentions with the help of my intuitions and I will always know if you're trying to wrong me. It's not a bad thing, we can totally change that if you help me and let me help you.

I believe in love, kindness, healing and a whole lot of fresh light from the sun and even the moon. So lets do this!

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