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DESIRE ( 1 )

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DESIRE ( 1 )


It was never supposed to happen, I am a good son.

It was never supposed to happen, I am a good son. My name is Shawn, I am 21 years old. I am an only child


My dad met a woman in London, England. He fell in love with her within a week. He married her within a month. He calls it true love..

She moved in with us the summer of 2017. She was a little younger than him. She was 36 years old, my dad was 40. Her name Elene Rose, she was beautiful, and I could not stop my eyes from watching her. The way her black hair would fall freely down her shoulders.


She drove me crazy with how gorgeous she was, and I felt like the worst son in the world for it. I kept my distance from her. I did not want to cross a line like that. My dad was in love with her..

Every time she noticed me watch her, she would do something super sexy on purpose. She would always dress in sexy outfits while giving me bedroom eyes. She knew what she was doing, and she knew what she was trying to awaken within me.

So after two months of being tortured by her sexy body walking around the house in just a towel. My dad noticed how uncomfortable I would get every time she did that, so he put a stop to it. "Oh come on honey, I am sure he has been around women in towels before." She would whine to him.

"Yes, I am sure he has dear, but none of them are his step mom." My dad replied to her. She shrugged her shoulders but she listened to him. I was happy about it, I did not have to hide the evidence of how she made me feel every time she walked by in those small towels anymore.

Winter 2017 She walked into my room wearing nothing but one of those small towels. My dad was away for the weekend, he had a business trip. "Can you help me with something Shawn?" She asked with the most seductive voice I have ever heard.

So being me, I got up and walked up to her. I was inches away from her face. "Tell me, Elene. What is it you really want?" I made sure I sound just as seductive as she was. I could see her tremble under my voice and I noticed her heart was beating faster.

So I kept on, I wanted to torture her the way she tortured me. "You want me, is that it?" I ask her while I continued to move closer to her. She kept on walking backwards without breaking eye contact. She stops and smiles up at me

"You think you can handle me, Shawn?" She asks while tracing her index finger along my lips. I looked deep into her eyes, and she was doing the same. Just as I was about to take her, right here in the center of my room. Just as I was about to lose myself in this woman, the door bell rang.

I quickly pulled away as I realized what I was about to do. I walked out the room leaving her standing there. I get downstairs, and I open the door. The most beautiful girl walked in.

I hear the loud gasp from Elene behind me. "Talia, Is that you?" She asks the short girl who just walked in the door.

The girl doesn't answer, she was too busy staring at me, taking me in. It was after I felt a hand on my shoulder that I realized I was staring too. I looked at her again, and she smiled. One of those smiles that takes your breath away.

"Hi, mom."She finally speaks and I quickly turn to face Elene. Who is smiling "My baby, what are you doing here?" She asks the girl and the girl looks at me again. "Oh sorry, this is Shawn Grey, your step brother. Shawn this is Talia, my daughter" She tells us.

"Nice to meet you Shawn." She said smiling. "Yea, you too." I responded. "Well, come with me Talia I will show you to your room." She takes the girls hand and lead her upstairs, leaving me staring up at them.

I decided to let them be, and I went up to my room. The next morning, I found Talia seating alone. I noticed her watch me for a while before i decided to look at her. She smiled, winked and looked away. I was instantly amused by how forward she was so I approached her.

We sat there talking for hours, her mom came downstairs and we ignored her a few times. I drove her to the city to show her around. She had spent most of her life living with her dad in France. She only visited her mom a few times a year in London.

Now here she was, visiting her mom all the way in Malibu, California. We spent everyday together that weekend. She was a best friend I never knew I needed. "That is your brother Talia, just reminding you." I overheard Elene telling Talia as I walked passed her room.

"Don't give me that mom, you know he is not my brother. Just because you decided to marry his Rich dad 5 or 6 months ago, does not make him my brother!" Talia responded and my heart dropped at the way she spoke about my father. I suspected Elene decided to marry him after a short time because he was rich but

hearing her daughter say it too, that was painful. I love my dad, I did not want anyone playing with his heart. I hated myself for almost bedding his woman. "Calm down child, I am still your mother." Elena quietly tells Talia, maybe not wanting me to hear their conversation.

"Child!? I am seventeen years old, I am not a child." Talia yells at her mom. A few minutes later, I heard Talia get out the room, so I quickly walked into my own room, trying to avoid being seen. "Shawn!" She creamed my name.

I open my door and Talia wraps her little hands around me. Pressing her lips to mine "Damn." Was all I could say before noticing Elene standing behind her.


Credits Shawn Mendes as Shawn Grey Camila Cabello as Talia Rose Emaraude Toubia as Elene Rose

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