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A short story :)

The Cabin

"Is it true?" He asked while sipping his whiskey. "Just ask me, stop playing around with the question." I responded, moving a little closer to him.

"What are you doing?" He asks me again, eyes wide with shock. I smile up at him "Just trying to make you feel more comfortable." I respond with a flirty smile.

"Stop that, I am not one of them." He responds coldly and steps away from me. At this point, I have a million questions playing in my brain. Austin Woods is standing in front of me, and just turned me down.

"What is the problem? I thought you wanted this?" I asked him, confused at the way he moved away from me. "You don't know how beautiful you are, do you? You walk around looking confident, but you actually have no idea." He said those words with sadness in his beautiful brown eyes.

"Okay, what the hell is going on with you Austin?" I ask confused at his sudden outburst. I actually thought he loved me

I thought he would finally want to take things to the next level "You let every guy into your bed Mia, and I am not one of them." He responds facing away from me. My heart drops at his accusation, my stomach starts burning with heat, anger building inside of me.

"Is that what you think of me!?" I ask him, trying to catch his eyes. This is the guy I have loved for the past four years, the guy I was saving myself for and here he is, standing in my face accusing me of being a whore.

"Austin? Is that what you think of me!?" I ask him again with tears falling out of my eyes. He turns to face me with sad eyes. "I see you with all these guys on a regular basis, flirting and smiling at all hours of the day and night Mia." He comes closer and continues.

"If you were me, what would you think? So please stay away from me." He stands up to walk away. I was broken, confused and totally crushed

All I could do was cry, I dropped to the floor and I cried my heart out. He was the love of my life, and I was just a whore to him



"Mia wake up." I feel someone shaking me

I open my eyes and there he is, Austin looking down at me.. "It was a dream?" I ask him. "Yes, are you alright? You were crying in your sleep." He looks at me with sad eyes... "I am now that I know you are here."

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