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winterheart We are WARRIORS of HOPE
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Stop, Don't shoot!!


That is what I remember about that day...

Cries from a distance, the war was outside my door

Hannah! Hannah! Hannah!

My mother screamed out my name...

I was filled with so much rage, and so much hate

My heart was beating a thousand miles a minute..

I pictured this day coming I seen it coming I should have been more alert

I gathered my courage and put on my shoes

My eyes were fixed on the assault rifle seating by my bed side and the revolver next to me

I knew a day would come When I have to stand and fight for my people.

So many killed, so many enslaved..

Evil men were coming for us

They swore that all would experience their wrath

We had to learn to fight for our own, if not we die

I lost many, and many too hard to count

It has never reached this close to our home...

No one had to tell me anything, the screams said it all...

It was TIME

I took a deep breath and walked out the door

walked right into the arms of war

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