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winterheart WARRIORS of HOPE #blacklivesmatter
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Just picked random pictures and decided to write about them..

Random Photos

He is a photographer a man of many talents.. He smells of the ocean and takes pictures of beautiful things throughout time. He wears sunglasses to shield his eyes from seeing back and white after he is done writing of his adventures through lens

She is made of trees, plants and everything nature. Her soul blossoms every time she holds hands with her mother earth. She is woman She is pure A wild heart through and through

How majestic it is to hold you while riding behind your motorcycle

I am in love with big cities lights and everything that makes them beautiful.

In the shadows in the deep of the night right there is where you will find him, waiting waiting to take all that you are...

Lights, Camera, Action Live everyday as if walking the runway fearless and ready to shine

From sunset to sunrise We all want to discover everything we can about ourselves We want to touch the spark that sets our soul on fire...

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