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Our VOW is forever

Onyx Black

"You might want to rethink your decision." He said.

"No, This is what I want, To be everything you need."

"You want to give me that Power?" He asked looking confused but amused at the same time

"Yes! I open myself to complete belonging to you."

"Do you know what this means?" He asked smiling

"Yes! You will be my protector, and I will be your submissive."

Laughing he slowly walks towards me and tells me three words that send a surge of electricity through my body

"Kneel before me."

Without questioning him, I did as he asked, my face towards the floor

"Who are you?" He asked.

"I am yours."

"Mine to what?" He asked

"Yours to love

Yours to protect

And not to neglect

Yours to own

But not to keep

But not to keep prisoner."

He looks deep into my eyes and his next words leave me speechless

"I am coursing through your veins as I make your soul my home."

"I will be the drug that calms your stress."

"The passion that comes with every breath as I become one with you."

"I will guide you."

"I will protect you."

"You kneel before me."

"Not because I told you to."

"But because you want to."

He said those words with so much passion

causing me to stare up at him in silence

He kneels down next to me and laid his hand gently on my jaw, and he kissed me, sealing our vow of forever

"I have dreamed of this day for a year now."He continued.

"Is this perfect then, down to the detail?"

At that statement he smiled and tipped my chin with a single finger.

"This is more than perfect, I get to call you Mrs Black."

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