Once Upon A Time
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A short story

Once Upon A Time

A boy was born, he was beautiful and handsome. His parents loved him, he was perfect in their eyes.

Time passed and he grew up, he rebelled like many teenagers do. Even though he did not listen, even though he skipped school. He was still perfect in his parents eyes

A few more years passed, he finally got it together, he stopped being a rebel and worked hard in school. He graduated and become a CEO at the age of 25. He was perfect in his parents eyes..

He met a girl

"Star, would you stay with me? Forever and be my wife?" He asked while looking in the eyes of the girl he loved for a year.

"I would go anywhere with you Cole, and because of that, I do."

She was the most beautiful and perfect human he had ever seen, he loved her very very much.

He thought he knew happiness, he thought he was in perfect bliss...Until

He looked into his babies eyes, he was the most beautiful and handsome little boy he had ever seen. It was this day, he realized he only knew a fraction of perfection.

He woke up to this one morning, and smiled to himself for he knew, this is what it felt like to be content.


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