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You watched me drown in my own tears


" I love you, that much is true. You make me feel beautiful, desired and stupid all at once. I constantly want to leave you because you are so terrible at loving me. You go out whenever you want to, speak to whoever you want to. I can't do that, none of it. I cannot hug another man without feeling like I am cheating on you. Yet you leave my side, and I am unsure of myself.

I feel so lost, and confused and I am constantly fighting with my emotions. Constantly asking myself why I am still here, still with you. Love is a beautiful thing, right? Why do I feel used by you? I love you so much that I forget to love myself. I have found myself wanting to end my life for you, simply because you do not love me enough.

I have given up many of my friends for you, taken away pieces of myself for you. I wear make-up, pull my skirt a little higher, try so hard to be sexy for you. Yet, it is never enough. I am never enough, and I am sick of it. You would let me drown right in front of you. And do not say NO, because you have already done it countless times.. You watched me drown in my own tears

Drowned in alcohol, and in you. You were not ready for a woman like me, you took my hand and I have been lost since. I was ready to compromise my dreams for you, but you never compromised anything for me. I lost myself I miss who I was before you The truth is, you will never stop lusting after others and things

I am starting to find myself, and you are no longer welcome in my home, my heart, and my soul. You said I can never leave you, or move on. You thought I had forgotten me.. I never did.. I am setting you free now, because I too have found my freedom.... Meet the new me I will never let go of me again."

Dear YOU You deserve a beautiful love, someone who will show you instead of tell you... do not settle for anything less.. speak up, you deserve way better than to settle.. I have been vulnerable countless times. I made a promise to never let another man hurt me or use me because I realized. I am a beautiful, smart, amazing woman, I will NOT change me..

I love myself more than that...

I love myself more than that... So should you

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